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Monday Morning Centre Back: A Season Defined

Yes, I know it's Tuesday. It was a holiday weekend and I feel this is a legitimate excuse.

There really isn't much to say about this weekend's loss to San Jose. The Dynamo attacked well in the first half, got a goal from a great combination play between Mullan and Davis, but were ultimately undone by bad luck and a filure to capitalize on their opportunities. It's been the theme all season and it's why this team will likely miss the playoffs for the first time since moving to Houston baring a 7-game winning streak to close the season.

"If you want a definition of our season just show somebody a tape of this game," defender Eddie Robinson said after the match. "I don't know that you can play any better and come away with zero points. You expect to have games like this over the course of a season, it just happens, things don't go your way. But for us, you can probably could 8 to 10 game that we've had like that this year. It's frustrating."

"The lack of points surely ain't from lack of effort," Robinson continued. "I think you saw that tonight, I think for anybody that watched our training sessions over the last three weeks they be'd pretty impressed at how hard we're still going and how hard we're still gonna be going over these next two weeks that we have to think about these next seven games. We're probably gonna have to win our last seven games to put us right there in the mix, can this team do it? I think so, but it's a difficult task."

Robinson verbalized the feeling around the locker room on Sunday night, everyone was frustrated from Dominic Kinnear down to the support staff. It's been a brutally hard season to endure for a team that is very proud and hates to lose. It's unthinkable to this group that they have 12 losses this season, made all the worse by the nature of many of those losses.

The hardest pill to swallow for the Dynamo were the 16 shots (six on goal) that translated to only one goal. Making it worse was the fact San Jose had three shots on goal and two of them went in. 

After the match, Dominic Kinnear summed up the disparity in shots very simply. 

"Probably the first time all year that I'm completely shocked we didn't come away with something out of this game," Coach Kinnear said. "More chances to go ahead, to extend the lead, to tie it, whatever you want to say we had chances galore and that bit us hard in the rear tonight, not scoring goals."

"If you count chances, I think it tilts in our favor," Kinnear continued. "At the end of the day they hit theirs on target and we missed ours by inches and the ones you miss by inches don't count."

The Dynamo have two weeks off after their match against Kansas City was rescheduled to later in the month. They will face Toronto FC on September 18th at Robertson Stadium.


On a lighter note, when asked the last time he scored a goal with his head, midfielder Brad Davis said, "I think I was like seven years old"