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Dynamo MLS Draft Report Card: You Give the Grade

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The 2011 MLS SuperDraft is done and the Houston Dynamo picked up two Generation adidas players, both of whom were ranked my many at or near the top of their position. Will Bruin and Kofi Sarkodie are coming to Houston and it's time to see what the fans think about the newest men in naranja.

Using the attached poll, give the Dynamo's draft performance a grade (from A to F) and feel free to leave your reasons for the grade you gave in the comments, I'm curious to see what fans think of today's events, though I expect feelings will be positive overall.

As for my grade: A+

I don't think the Dynamo could have done any better. They selected Sarkodie, the best available player in their natural 7th spot and when Will Bruin (an admitted target of Kinnear) was still available when Portland went on the clock at 11, the Dynamo moved in to the pick for allocation money, something Canetti has said they have plenty of, and got Bruin, one of the best forwards in the draft. Excellent work by the Dynamo today.