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The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 21


#5 - Nothing: I've got nothing. I've been sitting here all day and I'm completely uninspired. Better luck next week.

#4 - SuperLiga: Just die already! This cash grab nonsense has got to stop. Nobody cares anymore and quite frankly it's become a pointless attempt to score points with Hispanic soccer fans in the US by bringing Mexican League teams to play against MLS teams. Problem is, the fans don't stick around and that's fine, it's there prerogative. What's annoying is SUM's ridiculous belief that this stupid for-show tournament is somehow bringing fans to MLS that might not normally give the league a chance. Attendance at these games is terrible, even in cities with large Hispanic communities. Let it die so teams can focus on more important pursuits.

#3 - I like that Boon-Boo-Ree!!: Ian Darke's famous "Go Go USA!" call after Landon Donovan's late match winner against Algeria will always have a special place in the hearts of American soccer fans. However, there is always room for more fantastic play-by-play moments and thanks to Pablo Ramirez, we got one during the USMNT friendly against Chile last weekend. Ramirez' moment of genius has spawned a remix and taken its place amongst the great moments in US Soccer history. Sure, the game and the goal itself aren't of major significance, but it's fun and it's exciting and we could all use more moments of fun.


#2 - The Spanish Football Federation: The RFEF fined Lionel Messi for lifting his jersey after a goal to show a shirt emblazoned with a birthday message for his mother. The €2,500 fine will hardly hurt Messi's wallet and it's technically in the rules but honestly, who cares? I suppose the federation worries that if harmless messages like these are allowed, the chance for political messages or potentially offensive messages showing up increases. Still, it's harmless and fun and there is nothing worse that the idea of taking fun out of football...after all when you look past the business and the money, it's still a game.

#1 - Norwich City Football Club are Going to Hell!: I wouldn't suggest this is neccesarily informative, but it sure is least the first line is.