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The SBN Mock Draft: In Which I Attempt to Predict the Future

Tonight, in about 30 minutes actually, SB Nation's MLS writers will attempt to predict just what what will happen in Baltimore next Thursday...this could be interesting.

You can follow all the action on the Live Mock Draft Thread and be sure to check back here at Dynamo Theory after I make my selection in the 7th spot for the "logic" behind my thinking.

It should be interesting and I encourage you to comment and join in on the process.


With the 7th pick in the 2011 MLS SB Nation Mock Super Draft, Dynamo Theory selects...

Will Bruin, F, University of Indiana

The Dynamo need depth up front and bringing in a young talent like Bruin should give Kinnear some options, while not needing the rookie to play a vital role right from the start. The Dynamo don't have any position that needs someone than can immediately start, so they have the luxury of bringing in a player that can be a potential starter for the future. Bruin is a big, strong forward with a proven ability to score. A season working with Brian Ching and battling the experienced Dynamo defense in practice should help Bruin develop in to a dangerous scoring option for the Dynamo. Calling a player a "can't miss" pick really isn't fair, but it's hard to not think that Bruin is just that, he's a steal at the 7th pick for the Dynamo.


Thoughts on this mock selection Dynamo fans?