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Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 18


Step to the rhythm of a sho-nuff winner, The Anti-Power Rankings been here before, it ain't no beginner (word)


The Anti-Power Rankings return after the holidays, re-energized and ready to openly mock and complain about the world of football. It's what I do.

This week, Sepp Blatter and FIFA are back in the cross hairs, along with Goldenballs, a striker you've probably never heard of and the rise of Giuseppe Rossi.

Check out the rankings after the jump.

#5 - Marvin Morgan: The Aldershot striker proved this week that athletes should use Twitter with care. After being booed off the pitch by his home fans, Morgan voiced his displeasure on Twitter: "Like to thank the fans who booed me off the pitch. Where's that going to get you! I hope you all die." Look, I'm sure every athlete gets upset with fans, we can be real jerks, but wishing death upon them is a bit harsh and probably not the best way to vent your frustrations. Let the fans say stupid stuff, it's what we are good at.

#4 - David Beckham: He's not going on loan, he might go on loan, the deal is almost done, OH THE DRAMA! Does anyone care other than Galaxy fans who are probably tired of this egomanical self-absorbed jerk caring about anything and everything but the success of the team that pays his contract? I know I don't, yet I'm still talking about it. Beckham pisses me off, he's been a terrible signing for MLS, he's done nothing to help the league grow and improve, it's all been a ploy to make him more money by injecting himself in to the American media market. Just leave, go back to England where they view you as a national treasure. 

#3 - The Rise of Rossi: Nothing pisses off many US Men's National Team fans more than the success and development of Giuseppe Rossi. The young American born Italian who chose to represent Italy over the US is a lightning rod for grumpy US fans who can't stand the fact that such a talented striker "got away". I guess people have every right to be upset at Rossi, but honestly it's misdirected anger. Rossi represented Italy from the U-16 level up, it's not like he was playing for the youth levels of the US Soccer hierarchy and made a jump before reaching the senior level. It was never in doubt what Rossi would do, and a casual invite from Bruce Arena isn't going to win over anyone. Honestly, stop complaining and enjoy watching Rossi play. He's having a break out season with Villareal, having scored 16 goals in all competitions.

#2 - I Hate Sepp Blatter: Thief, liar, sleaze ball, hypocrite...he does it all. Check this nonsense out. The president of sports' biggest, most corrupt cesspool (FIFA) is criticizing the IOC? It's like fight between two guys with no arms. Sure, the IOC is a hot mess, but this is just ridiculous. I suppose Blatter needed to complain about someone and at least he is smart enough to realize that the IOC is the only on sports organization on the planet he could possibly say anything to, but that doesn't mean he should. Spend some time improving FIFA instead of trying to use the old smoke and mirrors trick, you're the damn Rick Perry of sports.

#1 - A Winter World Cup: The World Cup in Qatar is 11 years away and it's already the biggest joke in the history of profressional football. It wasn't enough that they bought the damn thing through a series of (alleged?) massive payoffs and "legal" bribes, now they want to move the thing to the winter. Who cares if this would be a massive disruption to a majority of leagues, the Champions League, League cups competitions, it's cooler in Qatar in the winter...THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T HOST A WORLD CUP IN THE DESERT!! I think the late Sam Kinison said it best..."You live in a desert! You know what it's going to a be a hundred years from now? It's going to be a f*****g desert! We have deserts in America, we just don't live in them!"