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Dynamo players tour Dynamo Park site

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The game against Portland which will tell much of the tale of the rest of this season is Friday. But if you'd like to get a quick view of hos vice-captain Brad Davis is psyching up the 2011 Dynamo ahead of that game, check out the above video of the players touring Dynamo Park yesterday afternoon.

Glenn Davis last night on his Dynamo All Access show mentioned that the quickie tour was put together at Davis' behest, and, quite simply, if any of these players are not psyched at what is waiting for them, then I'm not so sure they belong in Orange at all. What do you think?

And one other thing, Davis also reported last night that Chris Canetti said that all of the seats in the stadium will be orange with no logos. On one level, I don't like this as I would prefer to see "Houston" written on one side and "Dynamo" on the other. But on another level, I am just fine with it because, let's face it, I do not plan to see those words on there during any game as there will be bodies in the way. A Sea of Orange is a Sea of Orange.

So after this pleasant little piece of stadium porn right now, we can turn to our worries and concerns about the remaining two fixtures and a possible season extension depending on what happens therein. Enjoy.