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Dynamo at Timbers: There really are only a few things to say going into tonight

"The line must be drawn here! This far and no farther!"

There are game previews all around, especially one here and another hhere, but really, there's not much to say anymore, now is there?

I really feel that if Houston Dynamo do not get at least four points from these final two games, then we are cooked, and we deserve to be. Six points and we go into the playoffs with our heads held high, no matter what happens. So it's time to, in the words of Clint, "Get plum mad-dog mean." So for your edification, here are a few things to remember, to fire you up for more in depth analysis. Right this second, I have no in depth analysis in me. I have only emotion and tension and hope.

So come on Houston Dynamo, what are you made of? Show us.

And if that's not enough for you, turn to US. Senator John Blutarski.

Or to the Hero of Canton himself:

And if you've not heard enough, and at the risk of being repetitive, here you go. Now go get them boys. Go. Get. Those. Three. Points.