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Get To Know Your New Stadium

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If you've been following along on the construction of the new Dynamo Stadium, you are no doubt aware that a lot of progress has been made since the project got underway just a few months ago. We now have much of the skeleton of the stadium in place and while there is still much to finish, you can't help but be excited.

Manhattan Construction project manager Matt Doffing took some time to answer questions about the construction of the stadium and update everyone on some of the details of the structure. I've posted the video below and you can read the entire article here.

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Details include a description of the aluminum skin that will surround the stadium and the plan for the supporter's section to help make things even louder. In addition, the stage in the south end of the stadium will not be a permanent feature as several sections of seating will be removed for concerts. On game days, you won't even know there's a stage on that end of the stadium. Very cool!