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A message for us all

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Right back at you Men. Now let's go get that kumbaya moment in Chester, Pa. and back here at Robertson next week.

Oh, and while I do seem to have the floor here. The Worldwide Leader put out their Top 10 MLS Goals of the season this past weekend from all games except the Dynamo win from Sunday night. And while it is quite nice to see Adam Moffat's previous bomb on here, it feels a little like mentioning Batman and leaving out Robin.  Of course, it's probably a blessing in disguise because, knowing ESPN, if they put in anything from Sunday's game, they'd probably have just included McBean's.

Take a gander at the link here:

And while we're on the subject of videos, MLS is releasing its Goal of the Year candidates in groups, World Cup style. Quirky, in that MLS kinda way. Anyway, Alex Dixon's game-winner over RSL is in Group C, and the video below has the rest of the candidates as well. I think we all know which one deserves the votes in this group. Go here to register your vote. The three other Dynagoals up for consideration in other groups will be  Moffat's aforementioned photon torpedoes and Danny Cruz' left-footed strike against Portland, also from distance.


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Fun fact: Adam Moffat is scoreless on shots within 35 yards.

Also, if Dynamo start growing playoff beards like they have in years past, is Moffat allowed to compete or does he just get to determine who comes in second place?