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So...what does the Whimp-pact's selection of Brian Ching really mean for the Dynamo?

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So, since I'm the thinking type, and we all know I love to prognosticate (for Whimp-pact fans, that means "speculate" -- for you Sounders fans, that means "guess at what might happen"), I've been wondering just what the Whimp-pacts selection of Brian Ching in the MLS Expansion Draft could mean for our organization going forward.  After the jump, some wild speculation:

1)  At the very least this should help our allocation order, and when Stuart Holden decides a return to the MLS is in order to get in shape for the EPL after his horrific injury...well, let's just seeing Stu in Orange might just be the most amazing line in MLS History ever.

2)  The money freed up from Chinger not being on the books is actually pretty substantial.  It's not entirely DP money, but you combine his salary with Costly's salary and you end up with DP money. we've always said, we need a DP striker or true CAM.  I don't care which they nab, but for the love of Chinger, nab a real one.  One who fits our system.

3)  While everyone outside of the Orange Camp continues to applaud the move of Marsch, most don't really look at the long-term "impact" it will have on their organization.  Anytime an organization tries to play hardball and go against a player's wishes which were made publicly know in advance of said move, it has never worked out.  In fact, more often than not, it has doomed the organization.  I believe a few might revere such things as "curses", and the Whimp-pacts have ushered in the newest of the bunch.  The Curse of Mauna Loa.  For those in Montreal, that's Hawaiian, go look up what it references.

4)  The Houston Dynamo Front Office hasn't come out against the move, which makes one curious if maybe leaving Brian Ching unprotected was two fold.  If Montreal did select Chinger, it freed up the cap space and wouldn't make the FO look like the Empire for not letting him play in the new stadium, which in turn makes them more competitive and loved by the fans going into said new stadium.  If Montreal doesn't select Chinger, then they could let him play in the new stadium and use him as a figurehead.  Either way, the ultimate impact to the Dynamo is minimal.  This also gives Bruin the go-ahead to be the permanent fixture up top.

5)  This move also means Harsch is going to Hell, where he will burn for all eternity.  Oh wait, he's already there...

Okay, you may feel free to prognosticate as you see fit.  It's all in fun, lest the rest of the world think we're being serious here.  While we're upset over the move, it isn't like we're going to end up on the short end of the stick.  It's kind of like taking the lollipop from a baby, and then giving them a different flavor.  Sure, the initial taking of the candy was kinda heartless, but in the end maybe the different flavor will be better than the original!