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A Bit of Context: Brian Ching's History with Jesse Marsch

Real quick post to provide some context concerning Brian Ching's vocal unwillingness to play for the Montreal Impact, and more specifically, Jesse Marsch. There is documented history between the two men, with two main incidents being what we assume is the focal point of Ching's less than positive feelings towards the Impact's head coach.

2010: Marsch was an assistant on Bob Bradley's US Men's National Team staff that decides to leave Ching off the roster for the World Cup in South Africa. Debate all you want about whether or not Ching deserved to be on that team because it doesn't really matter. Brian felt severely slighted by the decision and it is something he still carries to this day. Don't think so? Take a look at what Ching posted on Twitter the day Bob Bradley was fired by US Soccer.


2007: In a guest blog post on Nick Green's '100 Percent Soccer', Jesse Marsch complained about how much he hates diving in soccer and calls out Brian Ching by name.

The one thing they do know about soccer is that they hate diving! And I mean loathe it. And because of this reason I have never in my career done the ole' lay on the ground and cry for a card.

It's pathetic.

I mean we are talking about grown men, with families, lying on the ground grabbing their knees (even though the were kicked in the ankle) moaning and whining. So much so that when I go out and play with my three-year-old son, he kicks the ball and then falls to the ground grabbing his foot. That's what he absorbs from watching professional soccer.

The biggest problem is that it works.

I'm not sure if Carlos Ruiz or Brian Ching will read this blog. Or if we can forward this article to every Brazilian that comes to play in America, but I am starting a "no diving" campaign.

Let's get some sponsors and go global with it. Because unless we eliminate diving from our sport, we provide easy fodder for all of the antagonists of soccer in this country.

Just a little historical context to help people better understand some of the under currents of this situation.