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Interesting Quotes from Glenn Davis' Radio Show Last Night

Glenn Davis, the Houston Dynamo's local play-by-play voice, also does a weekly radio show in Houston dedicated to both the Dynamo and the sport of soccer. Last night was his first show since Brian Ching was selected by the Montreal Impact in the Expansion Draft. Dynamo defender Geoff Cameron and head coach Dominic Kinnear were both guest on the show and had some interesting comments concerning the Ching situation.

Glenn asked Cameron about Brian Ching and here is what the defender had to say:

I think it's a mess to be honest. I know I'm pretty disappointed in Montreal and obviously I've gotta watch what I say but, he's a guy that should remain as a Houston Dynamo player, there's no doubt about that. Obviously I want him to be on our team for next year, he's a leader on and off the field. He's a guy that's been with Dynamo since it started, been with Dom for a number years and with the ownership. I just think it's disappointing. Who would of thought they'd pick him up, I mean there are other guys on the roster that are fantastic players and you look at a guy of his age...I think they chose him for other reasons.

Glenn asked Kinnear about the Ching situation:

A lot of people came down hard on Chris Canetti and unfairly so. Personal decisions like these come down to me and my staff and ultimately come down to me. In leaving Brian unprotected, I never thought that Montreal was going to take him, thinking there were going to look to build a team right from the get go and pick players who would probably want to play there and would play. Knowing Brian's situation with the salary and the surface that Montreal is going to be playing on in the beginning of the season, I was more than surprised, I was completely stunned and a little bit sick to my stomach when I saw his name come up as their first pick. I think there's a relationship between Jesse Marsch and Brian Ching that's maybe lended to them not thinking he was going to be taken but as we know they did and we're sitting here wondering a lot of what-ifs. I think the biggest thing for me is we have to take blame in some of this as well by leaving him unprotected, I wouldn't of put my house on it, but a lot of it I would have put on him not getting selected and I think it stunned a lot of people.

Glenn asked about a code of ethics among coaches in MLS:

Coaches are paid to do what's best for their clubs and help win games. By no means am I happy with what happened, I think it's something that I wouldn't do but obviously people, everybody sees the game and sees the way they want to run their team a little bit differently.

Davis asked if Kinnear had talked to Montreal and he responded that he had not.

...Oh yeah, Geoff Cameron still considers himself a midfielder as well...&!^!%@#.