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Colorado Selects Hunter Freeman in Stage 2 of MLS Re-Entry Draft

Stage 2 of the 2011 MLS Re-Entry Draft is done and there is a bit of Dynamo new to report. While Houston themselves passed with their selection, defender Hunter Freeman was selected by the Colorado Rapids in the second round. The Rapids now have seven days to offer a new contract to Freeman. Jason Garey and Eddie Robinson, the only other Dynamo players available for selection were not picked and the Dynamo declined the option to retain either player. They are now essentially free agents.

Freeman joined the Dynamo last off-season from IK Start but the Texas native was not a regular in the starting lineup by the end of the season. This combined with his high salary (approx. $160,000) was the likely reason Freeman was left exposed for the Re-Entry draft process.

The move does lessen some of the depth in the back line but if Freeman wasn't going to start, his salary just didn't make sense for Houston in my opinion.

What say you Dynamo fans?

If you're interested in what the rest of MLS was up to during the Re-Entry draft, you can see a complete list of results here.