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To Europe and home again

HRH Kofi Sarkodie is at it again, wrapping up the European adventures of both himself and teammate Will Bruin with the Generation adidas team in the Netherlands.

And here you thought with that title that I was going to write about Landon Donovan heading back to Everton. Well, for Ginge's sake, I hope Donovan kicks ass across the Mersey. But for all of our sakes, I hope Donovan gets smart this time and stays over there, even if he has to wage a legal fight to do so. Becoming the American Bosman and winning would be the greatest gift he could possibly give to American soccer, and certainly the biggest contribution to American sports since Messersmith-McNally. This control that the single entity structure gives over a player's career has got to stop for everyone's sake, and I sincerely hope Donovan is the one to break the power while he does his version of Occupy Goodison.

Maybe that's controversial, but I sincerely hope that comes to pass, even though at the same time I enjoy having the best US outfield player ever playing in MLS. I think that challenging the league on this one would be a bigger contribution for the next phase of his career, because the way it is right now, players abroad have a lot of control over their very short careers, while American-based players have almost none.

Anyway, back to the video.

Zac McMath icing HRH? Hey dude, do you know what happens when you stiff Ghanian royalty?

And a NICE strike for Kofi that almost took that Almere defender's head off. Left-footed too.

And once again. Young pro atheltes. Nothing but time on their hands. Out on the town in Amsterdam. What could possibly go wrong?

Hell of a sign-off Kofi. "Houston Dynamo forever."

Bruin also wrote of his time in The Netherlands. For his account, click here.

And by the way, here are the highlights of the two games they played since the last post about these adventures, a win and a loss. In the win, 3-2 over Voldendam, you will notice a certain Dancing Bear, Will Bruin, scoring the second goal and almost assisting on a few others. (Teammates let you down there Will.) Brian who? Sarkodie is No. 8 and Bruin No. 18.

In the loss below, 2-0 to Almere, check out some nifty moves from Sarkodie himself, as well as the aforementioned laser beam of a shot, not to mention a shot from Bruin that was cleared off the line and another that hit the woodwork. Hey Kofi and Will, you guys keep this up, and BBVA Compass Stadium might just have some statues of you out front before all is said and done.