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Monday Morning Centre Back: Taking a Break

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Just wanted to provide a quick update for everyone concerning the status of Dynamo Theory during the holidays. With things mostly calm around the Dynamo and the league in general, we'll be taking a break for the next couple weeks and recharging out batteries for 2012.

We've got the MLS SuperDraft and the winter transfer window in January, along with doing some looks back at the 2011 season, so you've got plenty to look forward to. I'm in the process of adding some new voices to the blog as well so hopefully the content should pick up next year giving you some more variety of styles and opinions.

In the interim, we're here in case the Dynamo break any huge news during the holidays but I assume it'll be fairly quiet. After the calender turns there are a lot of questions facing the Dynamo and plenty to discuss. What will happen with Brian Ching, did Dom and Ralston find any diamonds in the rough during their scouting trips, what will Houston do in the draft, will Sebastien Ibeagha be offered a MLS contract by the team. Needless to say, there's plenty to discuss and we'll be here to cover it all. Plus, training camp gets rolling in February and we have a new stadium opening to look forward to in May...2012 should be fun.

So from all of us here at Dynamo Theory, enjoy the holidays and we'll see you after the new year!