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Danny Cruz's Contract Option Not Picked Up for 2012

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Lost in all the hullabaloo surrounding the MLS Re-Entry Draft was the news that not only did midfielder Danny Cruz graduate from Generation adidas, his contract option was not picked up.

According to MLS Insider, Cruz will be out of contract at the end of the year and is generating interest from a couple European clubs. The Dynamo retain his rights and could still negotiate a new contract of course, but everyone is being fairly tight lipped at this point.

"His option wasn't picked up by MLS," Cruz rep Mike Gartland told "There are some teams that have interest, but nothing concrete yet."

Houston declined to comment on Cruz when contacted by

This news stayed off the radar since Cruz had not yet accumulated enough time in MLS to be eligible for the re-entry draft process. Add to that the maelstrom created after Brian Ching was selected by the Impact and this story quietly got post basically everyone.

The right side of the midfield is the one spot that Houston needs someone to step up and claim as their own. Danny Cruz, Colin Clark and Je-Vaughn Watson all spent time there last season but no player ever emerged as "The Number One" guy. Chris Canetti talked about the importance of solidifying that position in an interview with Darrell Lovell so you know the wheels are turning.

Have we see the last of Danny Cruz in orange?