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Voting Now Open for The 2011 Creamsicles

The time has come to award the first ever Creamsicles!

We're beginning this annual (hopefully) tradition with nine categories for Dynamo fans to vote on. The awards and nominees are listed below and the voting link will be at the bottom of the post. You have one week to vote, so get to it!



Click Here to Vote for the 2011 Creamsicles


Team MVP: Tally Hall, Brad Davis, Andre Hainault, Geoff Cameron

Forward of the Year: Brian Ching, Cam Weaver, Calen Carr, Will Bruin, Carlo Costly

Midfielder of the Year: Brad Davis, Luiz Camargo, Adam Moffat, Danny Cruz, Colin Clark

Defender of the Year: Geoff Cameron, Bobby Boswell, Andre Hainault, Corey Ashe, Hunter Freeman

Newcomer of the Year: Adam Moffat, Luiz Camargo, Calen Carr, Colin Clark

Rookie of the Year: Will Bruin, Kofi Sarkodie, Alex Dixon

Moment of the Year: New Stadium Groundbreaking, Dixon's Goal vs. RSL, Winning the Eastern Conference Championship

Goal Celebration of the Year: Will Bruin & Brad Davis - "The Dancing Bears", Alex Dixon - "Sideline Celebration", Carlo Costly - "Conference Championship Slide"

Best Non-Adam Moffat Playoff Beard: Tally Hall, Luis Camargo, Corey Ashe, Will Bruin

Tweet of the Year:
Ching's reaction to Bob Bradley getting fired ("Some days just put a smile on your face.")

Cameron's reaction to Ching getting drafted by Montreal ("U wait all this time to be a head coach and the first thing u do is screw somebody over?? Sign of a real classy guy!")

Hall's Jersey Shore Tweet ("@GeoffCameron the fact that nobody can tell the difference between you and the Jersey Shore guys says it all")

Bobby Boswell - Too Many Tweets to Mention

Click Here to Vote for the 2011 Creamsicles