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Will The Dynamo be Playing in Statoil Stadium?

Time for a short post based purely on circumstantial evidence and outright speculation...those are always fun.

We all do know for a fact that the Dynamo are close to announcing a naming right deal for the new stadium set to open in May. We're all of course wondering who the corporate partner will be...and I have a flimsy theory.

This video was posted today on the Houston Dynamo YouTube channel:

There's no explanation for the video and no clear outline as to why this video was posted. Yes Statoil and the Dynamo have been working together for a couple years but a video like this, out of the blue, ,with no explanation sure sends the message that something bigger is cooking...or maybe I'm just looking to much in to something that's actually nothing.

Guess we'll see in the coming weeks. Everyone can make fun of me if a perfectly plausibly explanation comes up of course, but it's the off-season so I have to do something around here!