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HRH Kofi's European adventures

Here's Dynaman HRH Kofi Sarkodie taking over Day 3 of the Generation Adidas European trip blog. I think it's nice that they surrounded Dynamo's two players with some nice supporting talent from a few other MLS sides. Kofi shows once again he's not afraid to mix it up with some big boys. Take a gander.

Some takeaways: It's nice to see HRH enjoying himself abroad. Though I am noticing that not once, NOT EVEN ONCE, does he mention Alex Dixon. How will certain frequent posters on DT deal with that?

Will Bruin, getting iced by Kofi as he tries to juggle an apple. Was Bruin trying to juggle one apple there? Two? Come one Will, dream bigger than that! (Reminder to Dynamo equipment managers: We should definitely keep the chainsaws away from Will.)

Zac MacMath: Nice to know that sitting and learning cliches from Crash Davis made an impact on young Mr. MacMath. I think I nodded off halfway through his answer. Personally, I think after seeing the highlights (below), MacMath gave in to Annie.

Is Amobi Okugo Thierry Henry's love child? Put that guy in an Arsenal No. 14 kit and Gooners around the world will all go "On my God...."

Seeing the GA guys walking the streets of Amsterdam. Professional athletes with down time touring Amsterdam. Let that sink in. Why do I think the best parts were not filmed? The only highlight was going into the Kabab House? Kofi...Kofi...Kofi...

(And if you think this post really has no reason to be on this blog, after reading Ginge's comment to Fuzion on the previous post, I realized that I had better post something, and fast!)

And here's the results of that game. Check out Omar Salgado's sick, sick run to set up the second goal. Though I'm also noticing that if it were up to him, he would have fed a wide open Will Bruin in the center for that shot rather than having the ball get deflected straight to Corey Hertzog.