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The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 24



I will stop, I will stop at nothing. 
Say the right things when reading the Anti-Power Rankings
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#5 - The King of Limbs: The only bigger than football is the release of Radiohead's new album, 'The King of Limbs'...the band released it via digital download this morning and it's another spectacular album from the greatest band in the known universe. I love Radiohead.

#4 - 25 Days and Still No Plan: We're 25 days from MLS First Kick 2011 and we still have no clue how the playoffs will work. You'd think MLS would announce their plans before the season starts but if any league would start a season without a clearly defined playoff structure, it's MLS. What could possibly be holding things up? Are the owners bickering amongst one another about how many teams get it in or how the teams will be seeded? Is Garber trying to shoehorn the conference structure so he can get another one of his precious "moments"? Whatever it is, it's dumb and a pointless delay that may not actually hurt anything long term, but it's just another thing that MLS can't seem to do efficiently.

#3 - Mad Gattuso: I love Gennaro Gattuso. His behavior after Milan's 1-0 loss to Spurs probably isn't a good example of sportsmanship but I won't hold it against him. Fight on Gattuso!


#2 - Grant Wahl's Nonsense: Way to go Grant, you're so hilarious. "Running" against Sepp Blatter for FIFA President, setting up Facebook pages, it must be nice to have so much free time. Either you're trying to become SI's new version of Rick Reilly or the editors of SI came together and decided something random needed to be done to increase hits to the website. Either way, you succeeded in drumming up all sorts of blind support for your nonsense on Twitter, along with a highly annoying hash tag. I'm not pro-Blatter and I'm not saying some of your proposed ideas aren't bad, but I am saying that it's stupid and another example of your veiled disdain for women's football. That said, he's got us talking about the upcoming FIFA presidential election and reminding us how desperately that old fool Sepp needs to be diposed. Problem is, the only man standing up at the moment to do so, Mohammad Bin Hammam, isn't really sounding that much better. FIFA is just a broken mess and it's going to take serious changes to actually make anything better...and I don't see that happening.

#1 - Did I Mention: that I love Radiohead?