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Final Vote is Done, New Dynamo Stadium is a Go!

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At last! At last! No more votes, no more political wrangling, the new Houston Dynamo stadium is 100% approved!

With the Houston City Council today approving the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, the team has announced that the long awaited groundbreaking ceremony will be held this Saturday, February 5th from 2-4pm. More information about the groundbreaking ceremony will be released later in the week. No doubt Saturday will be a day of joy and celebration as this long awaited construction phase of the project can finally and officially get underway/

In addition, team president Chris Canetti, Populous architect Loren Supp and Harris County-Houston Sports Authority Chairman J. Kent "Kenny" Friedman will debut new stadium renderings tomorrow to give everyone a better look at what the Dynamo's new home will look like. As soon as these images are available, I will have them posted here on the blog.

So celebrate Dynamo fans, our day has come, the new stadium is at last a reality and come the 2012 season, the Dynamo will have a beautiful new home to call their own. This really is an exciting day for the Houston Dynamo, Dynamo fans and fans of the beautiful game in Houston!