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Help Fight the Good Fight on the Chronicle Website

First things first, I'm not attacking the Chronicle. They are doing the best they can monitoring the comments posted by users on their website, but sadly more than a few idiots still manage to get their misguided nonsense through. I mentioned in a previous post that there was some racism (which is fairly typical when it comes to soccer) but now there some sexism and more typical anti-soccer rhetoric.

Should we really care? Yeah, because it's stupid and childish. Can we do anything about it? Absolutely!

At first I was going to re-post some of the comments but I decided that it was counter productive and really only gave .attention to people that don't need it or deserve it. Instead, I'm going to follow the lead of Dynamo president Chris Canetti, who in his latest Canetti's Corner post, addressed the issue of the flood of negativity that often takes over the comment section of articles.

I'd like to encourage you to get interactive with Dynamo stories and blogs on When I read the readers' comments, they are routinely dominated by naysayers and soccer haters taking unfair and uneducated shots at our team, our league, and our sport. I'm not sure why it is so fashionable to do this. Your comments will be helpful to overpowering them. They will also go a long way in showing Chron management that there is great support for this team/sport. This would lead to increased coverage and interest. Please give this some consideration in the future

I'll be doing my part to post positive comments on Dynamo and soccer related articles and I'm calling on everyone else who has the time and inclination to help as well. Let's overwhelm this small group of morons with positive support for the Dynamo and the sport of soccer.

Try to avoid getting in to flame wars with this mental midgets and focus on supporting the team and the sport. You're never going to change their minds but if enough of us respond with positive comments and ignore their nonsense, they will get bored and stop. Let's face it, the only reason people leave racist, sexist and stupid comments is for attention and the more we let it bother us, the more they win and the more it encourages them to continue with the negativity.

So let's drown these knuckleheads out and more importantly, make them realize they we really don't care what they think. The Dynamo are a successful franchise, the new stadium is on the way and soccer is a major part of the Houston sports scene whether they like it or not. More importantly, we're not going anywhere!

Dale Dynamo!