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The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 22


"Oh Anti-Power Rankings, someday I'll read you 'til you die
Oh Anti-Power Rankings, Punch you in the Eye"

Another Friday brings another edition of the Anti-Power Rankings. This week I discuss Fernando Torres, FIFA's witch hunt against the Snood, a triple threat match in the media and more.

#5 - Chivu! Not Cool!: You can't just punch a guy in the face for no reason. 


#4 - The Waiting Game: 6 weeks until the 2011 MLS Season begins...and we still don't have a schedule of matches. Are negotiations for a new TV deal holding things up? Did someone delete the schedule generator software? Whatever the reason, fans are getting restless as they attempt to plan trips and figure out when and where their favorite teams will be playing. Somebody turn on the Jeopardy music.

#3 - Hints, Lies and Allegations: Someone is lying. Is is Cesc Fabregas? Arsene Wenger? David Moyes? Here is the long and short of it. Moyes says Fabregas accused referees of taking bribes during halftime of Arsenal and Everton's match at the Emirates on Tuesday. Fabregas of course denies it, Wenger didn't hear or see anything (surprise, surprise) and Moyes stands by his distaste of Fabregas' alleged statements. The only thing we really know for sure is that Fabregas was mouthing off to officials all over the place during the match over the Everton goal. Who is telling the truth? Who knows but I tend to believe Moyes (but I'm an Evertonian). Lee Mason could probably clear all this up for us but of course, he's not talking.

#2 - The Persecution of the Snood: FIFA is corrupt, dragging ass on using video replay and/or goal line technology and who knows what else. Instead of dealing with real issues, football's evil empire is focused on whether or not it should ban snoods. The point to be debated is if the loose fitting neck warmers are a safety risk on the field. No word if they will rule if the damn things are a fashion risk as well. One thing we can all agree on, real footballers don't wear snoods.

#1 - Fernando Torres...No, Not That One: Meet Shaun McCormack. Liverpool supporter, internet trader, from Scunthorpe. Well, he's not Shaun anymore, he just legally changed his name to Fernando Torres in honor of his Liverpool hero...oh, wait.