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The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 27


#5 - It Appears You've Forgotten Something: Late in the first half of the Everton v. Birmingham City match on Wednesday, referee Peter Walton awarded a yellow card to Brummies player Jordan Mutch. Trouble is, while Walton raised his hand and booked Mutch, there was no yellow card to bee seen as the official had left his cards in the locker room. Quite amusing really and it certainly makes for a great photo, which Dirty Tackle has. Obviously Walton needs one of those clever ways to ensure that he heads on the pitch with everything he needs. For example, whenever I leave the house I say to myself, "Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch"...60% of the time, it works every time.

#4 - Rossi on a Roll: In Villareal's Europa League victory over Bayer Leverkusen, Giuseppe Rossi netted his 24th goal of the season. I only point this out for all the Americans who continue to act like spoiled children and say stupid and classless things to and about Rossi. Get over it. Sure it would be spectacular is Rossi have chosen to represent the US but he didn't. Spend your energy blaming the busted and broken development system at US Soccer.

#3 - Vinnie Jones Has a Dirty Mouth: Now this is a halftime speech...the best part is the apparent voice of a little kid in the background while Vinnie unleashes a cursed filled rant. I think he needs some Orbit gum.

#2 - Mankinis and Red Cards: Nothing goes together like football and mankinis...ok, maybe not, but this guy thought so. Normally when it comes to pitch invaders they get a few seconds before being dragged off by stewards. For whatever reason, this guy makes a few laps of the pitch before Dorchester`s player-manager, Ashley Vickers decides enough is enough and tackles the idiot. Therein lies the problem. This is technically violent conduct and a player that exhibits such conduct against another player, fan, official, anyone really, is to be shown a red card. So the referee did. It's dumb but it's the technically correct decision. Probably a moment though where the ref should have gone with common sense rather than strict interpretation of the rule book.

#1 - In Our Thoughts: My thoughts go out to the nation of Japan and the victims of the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck today. There is potential for tsunami's across the Pacific Ocean so we can only hope that these waves fail to seriously affect any more people.