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Dynamo Theory Meet-Up

If for some odd reason you've ever wanted to meet the guy who runs this illustrious blog, you have your chance at the Dynamo v Union match on Saturday. During halftime, I'll be at the location marked on the map below and I'd love to meet and put faces to names of my readers.

Part of my goal with Dynamo Theory is not only to cover the team, but to build an online community in which Dynamo fans from across the world can interact and discuss the team. There are a lot of passionate Dynamo fans out there and I want this blog to a regular stop for all of them.

I'll also be at the Texian Army tailgate before the game so you're welcome to stop by there as well. The tailgate is on the Wheeler Street end of the stadium.

So if you're interested, stop by and say hello...and in both cases, just look for the ginger.