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The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 26


The Anti-Power Rankings. Always Winning.


#5 - 36 Red Cards: You have to feel bad for the referee in this match. After things devolved into all out chaos between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas of the Argentinian 5th Division, the referee issued 36 red cards. My only question...why not one more! 37 is such a better number (in a row). Enjoy.


#4 - The Rumble in Macclesfield: The fun starts just after the 3:00 minute mark of the video...ring the bell!


#3 Best Game Ever: Cole of Duty: Training Ground Warfare ...just click the link, you'll see.

#2 Sir Alex is a Joke: Plenty of managers have been fined and censured for making comments about referees in their post-match press conferences. In the end they take their punishment and move on...but not the "illustrious" Alex Ferguson. This Paleozoic gas bag continues to think that he's above the law and special and to be honest, he's not. I don't care how many trophy's you've won, you're an a**hole. Imposing a "media ban" because you don't like the the fact that the FA doesn't take kindly to you criticizing an official? Take your punishment and shut up. You're not special.

#1 Hypocrisy: So let me get this straight. Ashley Cole shoots somebody at training with an air rifle...nothing happens. Wayne Rooney unleashes an elbow in to an opponent's face in a match...nothing happens. Ryan Babel tweets a funny photoshop picture of Howard Webb...£10,000 fine. There is really no defense of the FA on this one, absolutely none. I don't care if that brain dead moron Mark Clattenburg "didn't see" the elbow! Arsene Wegner "doesn't see" things all the time and yet they still happen. LOOK AT THE &%!&! VIDEO! It's just another example of why large governing bodies with access to tremendous amounts of money cannot be trusted to do anything with integrity.