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No Feilhaber, No Big Deal

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It's apparently official that the New England Revolution will not be trading midfielder Benny Feilhaber. The Dynamo have been actively pursuing the US international who signed with MLS last week and created a fair amount of Twitter drama yesterday as the process to determine where he'd end up played out.

There is no doubt Houston could have benefited from a player like Feilhaber but not being able to work out a trade to bring him to town is not the end of the world. We know Canetti was looking to offer some kind of trade package with player(s) unknown in order to get Benny's rights and the team now sits third in the allocation list and hasn't had to part with anyone of their roster. More importantly, the team retains cap space that can be used in the summer transfer window.

I suppose it's possible to be a little disappointed in the fact that the Dynamo have failed for the second time in the past couple weeks to secure a player via trade, but I don't think that's anything to worry about. Trades are difficult to execute in even the most perfect circumstances, so the fact that terms couldn't be worked out for DeRo and Feilhaber shouldn't be surprising.

No matter how good a player you're attempting to get is, you should never empty the pantry (so to speak) in order to get them. It's likely that both Toronto and New England were asking a high price and if so, Canetti and Kinnear made the right choice in holding fast and not damaging the roster in the name of making a big splash signing. 

Besides Je-Vaughn Watson and Sergio Koke are on the way and the Dynamo have shown improvement in every match this season. No reason to rock the boat now. I'm just going to enjoy the fact that our front office is working hard to explore every option and is committed to putting the best possible team on the field. That kind of effort will pay off in the long term and based on recent results, the short term is looking nice as well.