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Dynamo get some good news as Hassli to be no hassle

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I know it's thoroughly distressing, though tempered somewhat by how much easier it makes things in a way, to lose to the Sporks last night in Aggieland in the US Open Cup qualifier, but at least this Sunday the Houston Dynamo will get to face an opponent that's at least a little shorthanded.

Looking over at Ives today was the above video of Vancouver DP Eric Hassli removing his shirt after burying a PK last night in a 1-1 draw with New England. The thing is, Mssr. Hassli was sitting on a yellow at the time, so Baldomero Toledo, who is usually known around these parts for gifting Dynamo opponents undeserved goals, does what he has to do, gives Hassli his second yellow and ejects him.

The best part of the whole thing is, if you look closely, he takes off his long-sleeve shirt to reveal his short-sleeve shirt underneath. That tells me that the whole thing was premeditated, a clear attempt to get around the automatic yellow (and now red)  for removing your shirt.

My immediate reaction is simple:  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  What a maroon. The guy gets what he deserves.  I don't care whether or not he just took a shirt off to reveal another shirt, he had to have known exactly what he was doing. This has got to be one of the comedy moments of the young MLS season so far, unless you're a Vancouver fan.Also, add this to the fact that Hassli was the second Cap to be capped by Toledo's red card barrage. Midfielder Gershon Koffie was also sent off just before the half because apparently, it turns out that if you put your elbow into somebody's head in this league (in this case Pat Phelan's noggin) the refs tend to take a dim view of your continued presence on the field. (Good thing Wayne Rooney plays in England or he might only see half a season in MLS.) Check out the carnage here.

And really, Cascadia Rivalry is blah blah blah, future of MLS blah blah blah, unexplored territory for MLS blah blah blah, excitement yeah yeah.  But let's put this all in proper perspective: Vancouver, you guys are expansion scum and we hate you. Welcome to MLS.  I wish you nothing but suffering and pain. (Though with Hassli, who gets his second red in three appearances, it appears my job is being done for me.)