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The Dynamo are out of the U.S. Open Cup...and I don't care.

Wednesday night the Dynamo were knocked out of the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup in second round qualifying. Meh, who cares.

Yes, the winner of the annual "national champions of American soccer" has recently received an automatic bid in the CONCACAF Champions League but since this is still up in the air for this season, I don't think this is really that big of a deal. It's not that I'm discounting the tournament overall, I'm simply looking at it from my perspective as it effects the 2011 Houston Dynamo.

For a team that is trying to both rebuild their roster and qualify for the playoffs, the less external distractions the better. Being able to focus on a singular goal without the added distraction of midweek matches in small soccer parks across the country. In the past couple seasons the matches could be seen as chances to get reserves meaningful match time but with the reserve league back, that line of reasoning is done.

Simply put, there are bigger fish to fry this season for the Dynamo

I'll probably get at least one trolling comment that the only reason I'm making this point is because the Dynamo lost last night...and you'd be wrong, so save your keystrokes. Sure, I might be a tad bit grumpy at the idea of losing since I'm a competitive sports fan and would like my team to win every single match, but that's not how it works. More importantly, wins and loses don't change my fundamental feelings about the Open Cup.

What matters this season is making the playoffs and building momentum towards the opening of the new stadium in 2012. Plus there's my general distaste for the US Soccer organization and my lack of motivation to support anything involving them.

Anyone who was in attendance at the 2007 Open Cup Final knows (and heard) exactly what I think about Sunil Gulati. One of the benefits of the empty stadiums that are a staple of USOC matches is try as they might, people hear you yelling whether they want to or not. Yes, it was insanely childish behavior but that's part of the fun of sports.

I'll make a deal with everyone. When the USSF starts providing competent referees for MLS matches, I'll start caring about the Open Cup. Sound fair...or am I being petty?