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Dynamo Stadium: Time to Get Excited About Concrete

Big news from the site of the new Dynamo Stadium, tomorrow afternoon Manhattan Construction will begin pouring the concrete foundations for the new building. It may not sound super exciting, but it's a huge step towards the new home of the Dynamo opening next spring.

There should be plenty of photos from the event as the team has invited the media, so I'll be sure to post whatever I can find so we can all ogle at what will become the backbone of our favorite team's new home for years to come. Once the puring of the concrete is completed and allowed to set, we should start seeing the first elements of the actually building going in to place.

The next ten months are going to be like Christmas morning over and over again. I'm fairly certain I've never been this excited about concrete in my entire life.

The pouring should begin around 3pm CT tomorrow. Don't forget you can see the progress on the stadium live on the official stadium construction webcam.