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NY may have had Hoffa in there, but we've got....


Continuing the subject of Ginge's post from the other day (no, not this onethis one), the Dynamo (well, more specifically, Manhattan Construction) will start pouring the concrete of the new foundations for Dynamo Park (My name for it. Hey, it's the Tim in me.) this afternoon at 3 p.m. As Zach said, if you can't be there in person, you can watch it in all of its glory at the stadium webcam here.

The thing I wanted to know in the comments thread of Zach's post, and would like to poll the membership here about more fully, is what exactly should be used to empower that concrete.  Not to get all New Agey here, but there is a long tradition in building to employ a superstitiion if you will regarding burying something under the foundation, infusing the mix with crystals, writing your name in the wet concrete, whatever. And how great would it be for the team (sorry to be late with the idea front office) of having a concrete pour into a slab into which supporters could etch their names so we could all be kind of a permanent fixture to the site. Though probably, they'll sell etched bricks or something in the future and make some money. No worries there.

OK, where was I? Oh yeah, here are the comments to Ginge's post the other day to get us started. First me:

Would it be too much to ask to pour orange coloring into the concrete?

Or perhaps we should start the Twitter hashtag #thingstoputundertheconcreteatDynamoPark

Any and all souvenirs from the 2010 season. #thingstoputundertheconcreteatDynamoPark

or, going the other way, infusing the concrete with power

Pieces of Pizza Hut Park and RFK Stadium, site of Dynamo’s two title wins. #thingstoputundertheconcreteatDynamoPark

Anyone have more?


To which the Orange Photo God Nigel Brooks replied:



ERob’s Elbow
Ricos Ruiz cleat
A lock of Waibel’s hair
Cochrane’s stash
Landin’s buffet card

And then I came back with:



Onstad’s gloves
An orange blazer
A Houston 1836 T-shirt
One of De Rosario’s cornrows
Brian Ching’s surfboard
Carlos Ruiz (I don’t know how it happened. He was walking along and without anyone touching him, he just fell down, and wouldn’t you know it, right in the path of the concrete pour. He would have seen it coming, but he was holding his face at the time.)


So here you go people. And by the way, the Twitter hash tag has been thrown out there on Twitter. Post there, post here. Whatever. Get it going.