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Is Koke Ready to Quit the Dynamo?

Apparently Koke has already had enough of Houston and MLS...that didn't take long.

A message appeared on his personal Facebook page over the weekend saying the forward was ready to leave Houston and thanks to Ray, we've got a screen shot:


Here's the translation (again, big thanks to Ray for finding and translating):

Ok friends, as there are many people who want to know, i'm going to explain the situation in spanish. I am going to try to terminate my contract here in Houston, return home to my family and hope for the best. Its clear that my family and friends are counseling me to come home (Aris). All of my friends and family are fans of Aris. All I can say is that anything is possibe. Thanks for your love.

At this point, neither Koke or the team has confirmed anything, but it doesn't look good for the Spaniards future in Houston. I'm teetering between feeling potential disappointment and profound annoyance, but I'll reserve judgement until we hear something more factually solid.

Guess we'll have to see how this plays out and there's no doubt (accurate or not) that the Dynamo front office will not be pleased with a player making a statement like this on Facebook.