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Movie time on Dynamo Theory

Time to get the popcorn. Here are several Dynamo-related videos I've found. The first series of videos interviewing various Dynamo players is from serial YouTuber Futbolr. First, we start with the Dancing Bear himself, Will Bruin.


And here's everyone's favorite left back of the moment, the Carolina Speedster himself, Corey Ashe:


And Lovel Palmer. You know, I could listen to Jamaican accents all day long. Just listening to Jamaicans talk makes me want to dance.


And here's Geoff the Giraffe. And did you know that if Cameron makes his way back into the USMNT picture, he will be the only player who is a New England native on the US depth chart? What has happened to youth development up there?


And if you follow this link here, you can check out even more interviews from Futbolr, including Mo Edu, Gooch Onyewu and Clint Deuce Dempsey. Just say farewell to today's productivity right now and check these out. They're very nice. And one other video to finish things off here comes from the omnipresent Keeper, Jen Cooper. If you're not familiar with KeeperNotes and Jen's weekly all Houston soccer, all the time e-mailing list, do yourself a favor and navigate to her site and get on there. Jen, as well as the King of Kings himself Raymundo Escamilla, put together a video piece after every home game, the Keeper Notes webisodes. Here's the one after the DC United game:

OK, you can go back to work now.