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Tally Hall Takes Responsibility for His "Colossal Error"

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Tough loss for the Dynamo last night, but there's not much time to dwell on it with a quick turnaround on Saturday in Toronto.

Despite taking a 1-0 lead in the 71st, the Dynamo were unable to hold their advantage after a glaring mistake by Tally Hall and some tepid defending allowed the Rapids to get two goals in the final 20 minutes of the match. Disappointing for sure, but not the end of the world.

If you didn't already realize that Tally Hall is a stand-up guy, his comments after the match made it very clear that he won't shy away from taking the blame for mistakes. It happens, it sucks, but it happens and I've got full confidence in Hall being able to learn from this match and come back stronger from it. After the match, Hall was extremely hard on himself about the first goal, calling it a "colossal error".

"I made a colossal error and the team payed for it." Hall said. "Unfortunately it happens and the team was punished for it. I thought the team played well enough to win , fantastic goal by Colin (Clark). One goal is enough to win a game and I feel like I let the team down today."

Hall explained as well what happened on the cross from Rapids midfielder Jaime Smith.

"It flew in true, I knew that Smith served a good ball, so I guess I was overeager to come out and be big," Hall said. "Took two steps forward, realized I was going the wrong way and didn't have enough recovery time to get back. It wasn't a great ball in, just a colossal error the team had to pay for."

Coach Kinnear echoed the sentiment of disappoint about the result in his press conference and harped on the fact that mistakes cost Houston the result.

"Disappointing. To go one up, thought we deserved to be ahead," Kinnear said. "Made a couple mistakes and came out with nothing. Really disappointing, the effort was there. Thought we controlled good periods of the game and created some decent chances. They defended very well and took advantage of the mistakes we made."

Kinnear discussed his feelings about the two late goals as well, but didn't not make any comments concerning Hall's mistake.

"To be 1-0 up, what was it, maybe two minutes later? So we were riding very high. To give up a goal so soon, it's always deflating." Kinnear continued. "I still think we played okay after that, took us a little while to get going but I thought the second goal was just a point of someone has to, well we all need to do a better job of attacking the ball in box. We were a little bit hesitant to clear the ball at that particular time."

Geoff Cameron, who was initially in the starting lineup for the match, was scratched at the last minute and sat on the bench in street clothes. He was apparently still suffering the effects of a shin injury picked up against DC United.

"I tried to warm up for the game, but the swelling is still there a little bit." Cameron told the media after the match. "I think was a just a litlte bit apprehensive, didn't want to get stuck in some tackles. I don't think I was ready for the contact. Maybe another day or two of rest."

When asked, Kinnear played down the effect that not having Cameron available had on the match.

"He's a good player and he would definitely help us, but I still thought, 71 minutes...1-0, I think we put ourselves in a good position, Geoff Cameron or not. Yes, we did miss his presence on the field, I don't think either team created a ton of chances so yeah he would of helped us. I thought we were doing okay, and I don't think with the way we gave up those goals is a fault to Cameron's absence."

No doubt it's a tough result for the team and fans to swallow, but it's still early in the season and sadly you can't win every match (cliche I know, but true). You just hate to see a loss that comes in such a frustrating manor. Nothing the Dynamo can do but now come out this weekend and take out some frustration on Toronto FC.