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It's The Guy Who is Willing to Die Who is Going to Win That Inch: Dynamo v Chivas USA Preview

The Dynamo are fired up, they are pissed off, they might even be irked. Whatever they collectively are, it's time for this team to take all the frustration, anger and any other useful emotion and channel it on to the field...and when better to start that tomorrow against Chivas USA.

The winless streak has reached seven matches, we are all where aware of it, but if bringing it up continues to irk the roster than I view it as a productive topic of discussion. The time for talk, diplomacy or anything other than hard work and brutal determination are over. It's time for the Dynamo to start fighting and hopefully we'll see that against the Goats.

The Dynamo are getting healthier with Brian Ching likely to be available for the match and Danny Cruz fully fit as well. There is little doubt what Ching means to this team and having him back on the training field regularly and hopefully on the pitch as well, is a big boost to this team that's clearly long of potential but short on veteran leadership. 

Look, I can throw out statistics or tactical opinions but who cares right now. This Dynamo team needs to walk out on the field at Robertson Stadium tomorrow and kick some ass, plain and simple. 90 minutes of determined play, 90 minutes of concentration, 90 minutes of effort. That's it, no more talking, just play hard and the results will come.

That's my detailed analysis. That's my match preview. Kick ass, take names, chew bubblegum, whatever it takes to get this season back on track. We believe in this team, just go out and show you believe in yourselves. It's time to fight.


That's a team, gentlemen and either we heal now, as a team, or we will die as individuals. That's soccer guys. That's all it is. Now, what are you gonna do?


Don't forget I'm getting my head shaved tomorrow at the Bald is Beautiful event. I'll be at the pavilions around 4:30 so feel free to stop by a laugh at me.