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Monday Morning Centre Back: Total Eclipse of the Heart

HOUSTON - JUNE 18:  A Dynamo fan dresses up for the game against the Columbus Crew at Robertson Stadium on June 18, 2011 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
HOUSTON - JUNE 18: A Dynamo fan dresses up for the game against the Columbus Crew at Robertson Stadium on June 18, 2011 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
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Well, what can you say about Saturday night's lost to the Columbus Crew?

If you're first thought was a string of curse words or nothing positive, I'm right there with you. That wasn't just bad, that was awful...just awful. I don't want to be overly negative (shocking I know) because at this point, what good is it going to do. The season isn't over. There's a looming transfer window that could lead to some changes, Jermaine Taylor and Je-Vaughn Watson are set to return from international duty and the Dynamo are in the Eastern Conference.

Despite those facts, it's nearly impossible to be real positive right now and the frustration levels of Dynamo fans are understandably off the charts. Twitter was not a happy place post-match and I can only imagine the scorched earth nonsense that is going down on BigSoccer.

"The wins and losses are what count the most," Dominic Kinnear said after the match. "Obviously I want the fans to love the team and the way we play. When we win games, you get that love and adoration, and when you lose you get frustrated fans."

Frustration is probably putting it lightly...and for anyone trying to say those boos at Robertson Stadium at the final whistle where for the referee or the Crew, take off your orange colored glasses. The fans were booing the Dynamo and they deserved it.

Here is the consensus on the loss: The Dynamo played with no heart or passion.

This roster might be one of the more talented group of players Houston has had, but there's a reason those 2006/07 teams won championships and this year (and last year's) teams are falling flat on their face. Where is the heart? Who is leading this team? The coaches and players can say whatever they want but between the lines, things are not working and the Dynamo are right on the precipice of another summer crash that sees them out of the playoffs for the second straight season...but there's still time, I'm just not inspired to believe things will turn around based on what we are seeing.

Look, these coaches and players work their asses off and I'm sure they hate what is happening just as much as we do, but we are fans and part of what fans do is overreact and lose our minds in direct relation to the exploits of our team. If they are smart, they'll tune us out and focus but they need to realize that continued performances like Saturday will only lead to more boos and more criticism. These guys are human, but they're also professional athletes paid to perform so this is part of the job.

Nothing to do know but look forward to the DC United match next weekend...and making sure Charlies Davies doesn't cheat and still another game for them.

Dominic Kinnear:

On the game
"We didn't play well. We lost. ... We all came out flat. We gave up a terrible goal. In the second half, we had a little bit of energy, and the red card killed us. We had a couple of chances, and it wasn't for lack of trying. We were just off tonight. Individually and collectively, we were off, and when you have everyone off, your chances of winning are slim."

On trying to come back
"We were a little bit pedestrian tonight. We kept on losing the ball, so it was hard to make them run and defend when our passing sequence was not good. I think after Lovel was sent off, we had a good little spurt. After that, though, they had good possession of the ball. I can't fault our guys, though, for trying."

Cam Weaver:

"It was a poor performance from us all around. I think we showed more energy in the second half, and we played better when we were down a man. We needed to bring that type of fighting energy from the beginning, and we didn't. We deserved to lose."

Danny Cruz:

"We are upset. We lost 2-0. It wasn't a good night. It is tough to play a man down, but we still had our opportunities. Even before the red card, it wasn't a good night. Obviously it doesn't make it any easier, and this loss puts us in a hole, but now we need to dig ourselves out."