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Get Last Minute Tickets for Tomorrow's Gold Cup Semifinals in Houston

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With CONCACAF's two most popular teams both playing in Wednesday's Gold Cup semifinals at Houston's Reliant Stadium, it should come as little surprise that tickets are pretty hard to come by. The game is already sold out, so that is going to make it pretty hard to find tickets at face value.

But if you're willing to pay a premium -- unfortunately about a 300 percent mark up -- you can still find tickets for less than a $100 through the Dynamo Theory Ticket Center. Average prices for the available tickets are currently hovering around $200, with some tickets in the lower bowl for about $214.

The double-header does promise to be a excellent, as the United States will face Panama in a rematch of their group stage encounter that resulted in the first-ever group-stage loss for the Yanks. Mexico will be playing Honduras, one of CONCACAF's three representatives in last year's World Cup.

Don't miss your chance to see the stars of the Mexico and USA Men's National Team with over 60,000 of your closest soccer loving friends.