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Monday Morning Centre Back: Something Isn't Working

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It hasn't yet been a full two days since the Dynamo's 2-0 loss at San Jose but the time isn't mellowing my discontent and ill feelings. If Houston was truly a bad team, this season wouldn't be causing me near as much frustration, but there is talent on this roster and that makes the things we're seeing all the more difficult to accept.

I have no answers and have no ideas, which is why I'm a writer and not a coach, but I've seen enough sports in my life to realize that what is going down in Houston right now has all the signs of a disconnect at some level of the team. Whatever the problem, it's why there are rumblings from some about Dominic Kinnear's job from a few fans. Let's get something clear though, I'm not on board with that thinking and it will still be awhile before I am. That doesn't mean however that they might have a point.

There is something to be said for consistency at the head coach position and we've seen how well other MLS clubs have done making changes at the top over and over again...but that doesn't mean I'm not getting concerned.

Kinnear is a great coach and a successful one, but I've seen plenty of examples in professional sports where the best coach is unable to get their message through to a roster. It happens and while I have zero evidence or reason to believe that this is happening in Houston, I can understand the feeling that is growing amongst some fans that it could be beginning to happen here. Something isn't working and trying in vain to assign blame or attempting to understand the inner workings of the Dynamo is pointless...but something isn't working.

How do we know? Well you've been watching as closely as I have so I'm guessing most of you see the problems. Continued lack of concentration a key moments, vastly different levels of performance match to match and even half to half, a complete lack of consistent finishing on the attack. It's not a secret but it's not improving there's no reason to believe it will for the time being. Even if the Dynamo go out Saturday and thrash Chivas USA, it's not going to erase the overlying doubts about where this season is heading because we've seen bright performances amongst the larger number of dull ones.

Fortunately, Houston is in the Eastern Conference so despite the lack of a win since April, they are still in the playoff chase. That won't last forever though, because even in a conference as bad as the East, it's only a matter of time until the teams still behind Houston get some results and move past. Despite sitting in fourth place, Houston is closer to ninth place then they are to first.

A few wins would certainly improves everyone's spirits, but it's hard to see where they are going to come from. Guess we'll have to see what happens Saturday and go from there.