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Lovel Palmer "Going Green"...Trade in the Works?

Looks like a trade is on deck for the Houston Dynamo. Midfielder Lovel Palmer sent this tweet around 7:20pm CT (it has since been deleted) staying he is "going green"...something tells me it's not about recycling or engergy conversing light bulbs.


If Palmer is indeed on his way out to a green team, Portland or Seattle, we can speculate that Mike Chabala might be joining him as well. Neither player was in the lineup for tonight's friendly against Bolton and Chabala has been out of favor with Kinnear for nearly a month.

If the trade is with Portland, could Kenny Cooper be coming to Houston? 

If the trade is with Seattle, is Nate Jaqua on his way back?

According to Jesus Ortiz, Chris Canetti has said an official announcement will be made tomorrow.