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Be the GM: What do you do? (Part 1)

What is absolutely funny to me is I was talking to Ginge about running an article series about this very thing, and now the Dynamo are making moves it's the right time to really let the DT faithful have some fun for a few minutes (or maybe longer?).  Today's particular topic centers around the recent trade (obviously).  With Mike Chabala and Lovel Palmer leaving for "greener" pastures and Moffat coming in, the questions begin to mount.

Where do you place Moffat?  Is he a natural enough at DMid to warrant starting?  Does he ride the bench and become added depth at DMid?  If he isn't going to start, do you move Geoff Cameron to DMid and make it his home?  This is where you, the DT faithful, come in.

You get to throw out your moves, your position changes.  Nothing in this regard is off-limits (including doing something with the formation entirely...though we know there's no chance we'll see that happen with Dominic Kinnear steering the ship).  So have at it, tell me what you're doing, who you're moving.  Hell, offer up some potential trade pieces, where you're looking to trade them and for whom (within reason).


May the speculation and insanity begin!