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Chivas USA Crush Dynamo, Next Two Matches Will Decide the Season

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For the second straight year, it's July and the Houston Dynamo's season is on the brink of collapse. After a disastrous 3-0 ass kicking at the hands of Chivas USA last night, Houston now sit on the outside if the playoff picture with two games ahead that very well could decide the fate of the season.

Nothing really went right last night and in all honesty, it was a 90 minute microcosm of the Dynamo's entire season. The defense was a mess making countless decision and positional mistakes, the midfield was unable to hold possession and generate any movement forward and the forwards couldn't hit the side of a barn wall. Oh yeah, Tally Hall was solid but completely hung out to dry on multiple occasions.

It's the exact type of play we've become accustomed to over the past season and a half and despite all the roster changes and generic coach-speak, nothing has actually changed.

The Dynamo are a hot mess, a roster built of individually talented players that for some reason are unable to get on the same page and play as a team. Whether it's the actual case or not, the blame lands at the feet of Dominic Kinnear who is ultimately responsible for the results on the field. Am I calling for Kinnear's head? Not yet, but I'm damn close. Which really sucks, because I like Kinnear but there's a classic sports cliche that seems to fit right can't fire the players.

With a new stadium on the way and a lot of money on the line in terms of corporate and fan money, the Dynamo are essentially in a full crisis and Chris Canetti is going to really start feeling the pressure to get things figured out.

In the meantime, there are two ridiculously vital game in the next two weeks. The Dynamo welcome the Sounders to Robertson and then travel to PPL Park to face the Philadelphia Union. It's six points Houston must have and six points I have no faith in them being able to get. Barring a tremendous turn around, I fully expect to be writing the obituary for the 2011 Houston Dynamo on August 7th.

Let's face at, right now, this team sucks.