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Be the Owner - Part 2 of the Be the GM Series

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Okay so I was impressed by the amount of discussion that proceeded from the first post in this series.  Now, we make the challenge a lot harder, but yet still a lot of fun.  After all, speculation is what we fans do when we realize hope is pretty much lost for this season, right?

So let's have a lot of it. Today's challenge is simple really.  You are the owner, AEG, of the Houston Dynamo Franchise.  You have somewhat limited resources at the moment amounting to just enough to buy a mid-range DP if you want, but nothing more than mid-range.  If you buy the DP, you must name him, what position he will play, and one other change you intend to make.  If you do not buy/sign the DP, you must choose three moves to make.  They can be trades, international trialists, firings/hirings, your choice entirely, but you must name names.  You are the scouting team, if you decide to have one.

So you have the reins of the organization we all love with our bleeding orange hearts, and it's your turn to make something out of nothing.  What do you do?