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Know thine enemy. Early scouting for Toronto FC Match.

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Luckily, the team we're going to be facing in this video is not the one with Red in the name, but rather the one in red jerseys.


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Among the things I'm seeing here that I hope Dynamo exploit on Saturday night:

1. Woeful defending. I think the next time TFC play together as a unit will be the first time. I haven't seen so much space back there since the orange pasted DCU in that 4-1 win 10 or 20 years ago. (Oh wait, that was just in April? My, how time flies.)

2. A correct controversial call from an MLS refereeing crew. Sit there and digest that for a second.

3. Question. We all know that Handball Torsten will hit the Great White North in a few weeks. Will Aron Winter be there to welcome him? And if you say yes, would you still have that answer if Dynamo paste these guys the same way on Saturday night?

4. Watch Agudelo's goal again, the fifth or 50th one in the video (I had to check the scoreline to be sure). Do you see any motion from the TFC defense? Any at all? I see more motion from the back line on my foosball table, the back line I'm NOT holding at the time.

So in summary, I likee. I likee. But will the Orange be able to take advantage of a team when they're down? Well, if they can't take advantage of this team when they're down, then we'll know right away to close the book on 2011 sooner rather than later.

And by the way, here's the current injury report. Note the Jermaine Taylor injury. When did THAT happen?

HOUSTON DYNAMO -- OUT: FW Calen Carr (concussion); DF Eddie Robinson (L knee MCL sprain); FW Cam Weaver (R hip strain); DOUBTFUL: DF Jermaine Taylor (R ankle sprain)

TORONTO FC -- OUT: MF Elbekay Bouchiba (R knee surgery recovery); DF Adrian Cann (R knee sprain); DF Dicoy Williams (R knee surgery recovery); FW Maicon Santos (R hamstring strain); DOUBTFUL: MF Julian de Guzman (L knee swelling); QUESTIONABLE: DF Nana Attakora (R quadriceps strain); MF Jacob Peterson (L hamstring strain); FW Alan Gordon (abdominal strain)