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Monday Morning Centre Back: Beating Seattle Never Gets Old

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Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that performance this weekend from the Dynamo. I'm not complaining of course and I've never been happier to be so wrong about a game, especially when it's beating up the Sounders. In case you missed it, and I doubt if you're reading this blog that you did, Houston took it to Seattle on Saturday, thumping the inventors of all things soccer, 3-1.

It was so bad on Saturday night that a Twitter account dedicated to Roger Levesque's mustache was arguing with me. It was kind of what you expect from the fans of a team that just got run out of the stadium, the usual song and dance about Houston being a team of thugs and incapable of playing the beautiful game like the Sounders do...yeah, I was laughing too.

Not that the Dynamo are looking like Brazil out there, but for every hard tackle executed by a player in orange, there were plenty of dives and "going down easy" moments from some of the guys in slate. That stuff balances out and what's even more nuts is the entire "debate" started because I admitted that Colin Clark got away with not at least getting a yellow card for his altercation midway through the second half.

This is why, in general, lots of MLS fans aren't huge fans of Seattle and their fans. It doesn't mean all there fans think like the fake mustache person, but an extremely vocal group does and it hurts the overall perception. We all envy your attendance numbers, the Open Cup success and the operating budget, but you're not special. You're just another team in the league...and you can't win in Houston...and you can't just accept when your team gets beat.


One amusing thing from the weekend was the arrival of "The Adventures of Bobblehead Ching". Most people take their collectible bobbleheads and stick them on a shelf, but this one is hitting the road and having adventures, which is far more entertaining. Of course you can find it on Twitter as well. Hopefully Bobblehead Ching will agree to join the Dynamo Theory staff soon, we shall see.