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Cruz and Bruin Out for Season?

Just in case anyone has missed it, Danny Cruz is out 4-6 weeks with a partially torn quad muscle, an injury he sustained in training last week, and Will Bruin will not be Dancing anytime soon, as he is now scheduled to have knee surgery, according to the Chronicle.

Cruz link here and Bruin link here.

Bruin is set for knee surgery Tuesday morning, according to his Twitter feed.

These are going to be big losses if anyone else goes down. And of course, if no one else goes down, these are still losses. Bruin is not burning up any tracks, but he is still the speediest forward we have. That corps is now down to Brian Ching, Cam Weaver and Jason Garey. My guess is that unless Dynamo make the playoffs, then the next time we see the Dancing Bear might just be in Dynamo Park in 2012. Anyone with any medical knowledge here that would dispute that?

As for Cruz, that quad injury he sustained in finishing drills could be a nagging one, and he also might be making his next start over on Dowling Street. He's young, so he heals quickly, but this right now opens up a world of opportunity for Colin Clark. If Clark is ever to get back to his take-defenders-on-while-on-the-dribble form he had in Colorado, now's the time. If not, then the Dynamo attack is about to get pretty slow and plodding, even more so than it already has been at times.

Suddenly, going more strongly at Alvaro Sanchez is looking more and more attractive.

So here's hoping that both of these guys come back strong, and soon.