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Be the President: Be the GM Part 3

Bongarts/Getty Images

So by now, you all know the drill.  We put up a nice short "What Would You Do?" scenario, and you in kind respond with your thoughts, concerns, doubts or what-have-yous.  You take the time to think about what you would do, given certain parameters and ideas, and then how you would apply those to the given situation.  It's pretty simple really, though usually it requires a lot of legwork and forward-thinking on the part of those who opt to respond.

So we find ourselves this week with two interesting tidbits from the world of US Soccer.  Bob Bradley, Head Coach of US Soccer for the last few years has been relieved of duty and subsequently Juergen Klinsmann has been hired on to hopefully lead US Men's National Soccer to something beyond that which Bradley has been able to accomplish in his tenure.  I think by now we've hashed out a lot of the intriguing possibilities of what could have been, might have been and even perhaps what should have been.  But I'm still curious to know, what would you do with the reins to the US Soccer program?

I am giving you Sunil Gulati's position, you've usurped his power in a surprising vote of confidence, and now have your chance to do what you will with the program.  This includes both Men's and Women's as well as youth development.  Yes, you have total control.  There are only a few stipulations.

This happened before Klinsmann became Head Coach, thus Bob Bradley is still the Head Coach.  If you opt to also let Bradley go, then you must fill his position with someone other than Klinsmann.  You must also come up with two of the first hires to go along with that hiring.  These must be Coaching Staff or Scouting Staff (yes, I'm giving you an option).  If you opt to keep Bradley, you have control of player movements and must make a minimum of 4-5 player moves, whether bringing guys into the Reserves Squad, moving Reserves to the Subs, or moving Subs to Starters.  Also include your Starting XI for the Mexico match.

The second stipulation is a bit tougher, I will admit.  You must describe what you would do to fight the corruption in FIFA as a whole, and how you as a lone soldier would find a way to combat the politics at each level of the organization.

The floor is yours.