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Vote early, vote often for Alexander the Great

Dixon, Dixon, he's our man.

Just a quick link for everyone. The official Goal of the Week page is up and, as we all knew it should be, Alex Dixon's golaso is up for Goal of the Week. Follow this link here to vote for Atascocita's finest.

And, just to sweeten the pot for you, among the contenders is a certain Ghanian who shall not be named, some Irish fella and a pair of players to be named later. And after a quick look at them all through my orange colored glasses, I have to say, if that guy out in LA takes this, then we all know the fix is in.

And one other point, I nominate Jonathan Yardley for call of the week. I think he blew out the KBME capacitors with that yell. If you haven't heard it, check out the link two posts below this one.