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Dynamo Lose On the Road Again, Playoff Chances Hanging by a Thread

Embrace the reality.

Seven matches left in the Dynamo's MLS 2011 schedule and while Houston remains in third place in the Eastern Conference, it's a precarious hold to say the least. Sporting Kansas City, Colorado and Columbus losing yesterday helps, but with all the weather related cancellations, Philadelphia and DC United now have three games in hand on the Dynamo, while New York has two.

This is a problem because four of the final seven Houston matches this season are on the road (KC, Crew, Dallas and Portland) and it think it's become pretty clear this team cannot win away from Robertson Stadium. Unless they suddenly figure out of to finish their chances on the road, there will be no playoffs this season. You may not like to hear it, but it's pretty much an undeniable fact.a

By the way, the Dynamo lost 1-0 to the Vancouver Whitecaps yesterday...and no there is nothing I really want to write about the match.

Then again, what do I know? I'm an uneducated fan with unrealistic expectations.