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Classy chanting, or Lemme hear ya say "Dale!"

I just got the following e-mail from the American Outlaws, a group I wholeheartedly endorse, and I think it would be the basis for some serious discussion of what we all would like to hear at Dynamo Park. (See, I've already made the transition away from this year.)


AO Nation,

US Soccer is asking American Outlaws for help in giving U.S. fans a classy reputation by sticking to chants and songs that refrain from using foul language. US Soccer is not allowing banners behind the goal on Friday in reaction to foul chants during the Mexico match in Philadelphia (most likely from the "you suck a**hole" (YSA) chants following goal kicks).

Being a group of classy, passionate fans is a goal of American Outlaws. Gravitating to witty and passionate songs rather than aimless cussing yields a much brighter future for fan-dom of our boys in the future, and we ask that you please consider this when attending matches in the future. A recent poll on our website found 75% of visitors to our site would like our fans to do better than the "YSA" chant. While not the most scientifically accurate poll in the world, it does lead you to believe the majority of AO prefer thoughtful, positive, powerful songs to negative chants.

Thank you for continuing to make US fans proud by being above violence and racism, and help us to continue to exude class in the future.


Please join us for our events in LA for US v Costa Rica if you will be at the game:
See you all soon!

If you can't make it to the game. please join and support with your local AO and US Fans at the local AO Chapter Bar:


In a discussion on this very blog back in June (link here), there was quite the back and forth about the behavior of some US Supporters at the US v Panama Gold Cup semifinal here at Reliant (what Playtherapy and I saw with our own personal eyeballs). And then this whole issue took on new life after the reported mistreatment of some US fans at the hands of some Mexican fans at the Gold Cup finals. Then there's the Philadelphia experience to which the AO e-mail above alludes. Then for added spice, there's the whole disgraceful treatment of supporter groups by security in New England and Columbus about the same time.

Personally, I welcome this e-mail with open arms, if for no other reason than we all CAN do more than the YSA chant, and it's not so hard either. Heck, a middle schooler could do more.

So now I turn the floor over to you, the already=proven intellectual denizens of this blog. What say you about this?