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Dynamo Minority Owner Admits to Dressing in Women's Lingerie While on Cocaine

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Well this story is certainly interesting...or something.

According to The Ring, Dynamo minority owner Oscar de la Hoya admitted posing for pictures wearing women's lingerie while under the influence of cocaine and alcohol. In transcripts aquired by The Ring from an interview on Univision, De La Hoya admits to the pictures, to drug and alcohol abuse and being out of control.

Q: Was it that famous photo in which you are wearing women's lingerie?

Oscar De La Hoya: Exactly.

Q: What happened with that? But also, was it you or was it fake?

De La Hoya: Let me tell you, yes, it was me. I'm tired of lying, lying to people, lying to myself.

Q: In that photo, Oscar, were you under the influence of alcohol and cocaine?

De La Hoya: Alcohol and cocaine. Yes, both. Yes, and it was the first time I used it, and the drugs were not like alcohol. For me, I know I need alcohol more than drugs, and so, but got into very bad things.

Q: Were you out of control?

De La Hoya: I was reaching that point where I could no longer control it.

Sure we all knew about this story, it's not exactly new, but this is the first time I'm aware of that he's openly admitted to the "rumors" being true.

This could stretch that whole "any publicity, is good publicity line" but at least De La Hoya is apparently facing his demons and working to get his life back on track. I'm sure he's not thrilled about talking about his past mistakes but it takes a lot of "balls" to open up and address embarrassing stories such as these.